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Penstar was started by Nick Fordham and Pat Winterbottom, both graduates and engineers who had been working in the oil and chemical industry and are still running the company today.

In the drought of 1976 they were asked for advice by friends and neighbours who were running short of water. They brought their engineering expertise from the oil industry and applied it to the water industry.

They started Penstar to provide pumping and hydroelectric power systems and since then they have built up a wealth of experience in all facets of fluid handling, second to none within Wales. They began to stock pumps together with pipe fittings and control equipment for their own systems and soon began trade counter sales.

Penstar moved to existing roadside premises at Rhoshill, 4 miles south of Cardigan, 22 years ago and is now operating as 2 limited companies. Penstar Ltd is the stockist, supplying wholesale and retail and Penstar Process and Technical Services Ltd is the contracting company which designs and installs systems.


The 2 directors are joined by another graduate engineer on the design team. Other staff oversee the sales office and trade counter in addition to organising our team of site technicians.


Nick Fordham and Pat Winterbottom offer their expertise as consultants through Fordham Winterbottom Associates.

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Penstar carry out projects throughout the UK, which have included the installation of a pumping system to top up the lake at Eton Dorney, one of the venues for the 2012 Olympic Games.

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